Necklaces for Men: Frequently Asked Questions

Necklaces are currently one of the hottest accessories for men on the market. With this newfound popularity, however, comes a host of questions from first time buyers on to how to select and wear this specific jewelry item. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about necklaces for men, as well as their answers.
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Men’s Bracelets

Guys, if you haven’t shopped for mens bracelets yet, then you may want to stop and learn a little bit more about the latest styles.  Unless you’ve spent time researching bracelets for men, you may have an outdated picture in your mind of a gold rope chain from the 80s.  Before we get started, you may want to wipe that image from your head and get ready to be “wowed” by today’s newest mens bracelets.
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Cleaning Pendants for Men: Tips and Tricks

Now that pendants for men are one of the hottest types of accessories on the market, many men are trying to figure out how to best maintain the look of their pendants. Fortunately, cleaning men’s pendants is straightforward and simple. While your methodology and the cleaning agent for your pendant will depend somewhat on its specific materials and designs, a few general rules of cleaning jewelry almost always hold true. Here are our tips and tricks for getting your pendants for men clean (and keeping them that way).
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