How to Clean Silver Jewelry

When it comes to cleaning jewelry, silver can be one of the most labor intensive yet also misunderstood materials out there. Most silver jewelry is actually sterling silver, which is an alloy of 92.5% (by mass) pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, generally copper. Some shoppers think that silver will automatically react and oxidize (or blacken) when exposed to simple elements like air (oxygen) or water, but that is not wholly the truth.
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A Glossary of Men’s Rings Terms

When shopping for men’s rings, you are certain to encounter certain key phrases and industry specific terms time and time again. While some of these phrases may be self-explanatory, others can leave first time jewelry buyers scratching their heads. To help you with your shopping needs and questions, here is a quick glossary of men’s rings terms.
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A Quick Guide to Shopping Online for Bracelets for Men

Bracelets for men are proving to be one of the most universally appealing accessory trends out there today. Men love the fact that bracelets can add a little extra style and polish while still remaining utterly masculine. Some guys are dying to try this trend but are overwhelmed by all the choices on the market – what material to select, what style suits them best, and so on. Here are four quick tips on how to find the right bracelets for men online.

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