Men’s jewelry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 100 years, especially within the past 10 years. There is no doubt that men’s jewelry will continue to expand with new styles, materials and designs. Here is where we see the future of men’s jewelry headed.

New materials. Contemporary materials have exploded on the men’s jewelry market. While men’s jewelry used to be primarily found in gold, silver and platinum, the material possibilities available nowadays are virtually endless.
Two of the leading contemporary materials are titanium and tungsten carbide, both of which offer a certain durability as well as a natural gunmetal grey hue that departs from traditional silver tones. Ceramic men’s jewelry is frequently seen in black or white, and is extremely lightweight yet hardy. Perhaps lesser known than the others, cobalt chrome is rising particularly quickly in popularity thanks to its classic precious metal appearance, strength and affordability.
It goes without saying that new materials will continue to be developed and put on the market, especially when they can offer positive attributes of both precious and contemporary materials.

More diamonds. Diamonds used to be almost exclusively reserved for women’s engagement rings and jewelry, but the increasing presence of diamonds in men’s jewelry has been one of the most steadily rising trends over the past 20 years. Gone is the idea that diamonds are considered to be in any way “feminine;” men are adding diamonds to their wedding rings, pendants and bracelets with increasing frequency.
In addition to classic white diamonds, black diamonds and cognac (brown) diamonds have been incredibly popular in men’s jewelry.  Men have actually proven to be a little more adventurous when it comes to diamond colors, and will undoubtedly continue to seek out new and interesting hues for their jewelry.

New styles. While men used to stick with basic accessory items like wedding bands, watches and cuff links, they are steadily exploring other types of accessories. Jewelry items like men’s pendants, bracelets and necklaces have become increasingly popular, even with guys who might never have considered wearing those types of men’s jewelry items before. Expect to see a great selection of styles for those types of men’s jewelry, as well as a revival of other lesser worn men’s jewelry items.

A greater range of price points. The addition of more economical contemporary materials as well as the prevalence of online shopping has certainly led to some of the best pricing heretofore seen in men’s jewelry. However, even in bad economic times shoppers have become more adventurous and discriminating, sometimes searching out what is extremely rare and expensive. What used to be a more fixed price range for a set number of traditional materials in men’s jewelry has expanded to now suit virtually every budget on the planet. It goes without saying that men’s jewelry will continue to push into both more affordable and more luxurious options with the passing of time.

What would you like to see in the future with men’s jewelry?

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