Pocket Knife Cufflinks

Pocket Knife Cufflinks

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Men’s formal wear doesn’t exactly scream utility or functionality, but there are two things every distinguished gentleman should own: a pocket knife and a pair of cufflinks. Combining the two, MensJewelryStore.com is proud to introduce the pocket knife cufflinks designed by Ox and Bull Trading Co. These cufflinks are the ultimate tool for the modern man. Each cufflink features a miniature fold-out blade that looks just like standard folding pocket knives. The blades are dull for your own safety but can be unclasped and released for use in an emergency. Just open the clasp to release the blade so you can safely open packages, remove staples, cut off clothing tags, pop bottle caps, add a new hole to your belt, or complete any number of odd tasks. The widely popular bullet back closure is the easiest of cufflink backings to secure to your dress shirt’s cuff for an entire day or evening of unbeatable style.

Our pocket knife cufflinks feature a plated base metal with enamel for lasting quality and ease of cleaning. Whether struggling through dinner with the in-laws or a meeting with your boss, you can survive any situation knowing you have the power of a pocket knife sitting on the cuffs of your favorite dress shirt. Aside from looking sophisticated and interesting, these miniature blades can come in handy for cutting loose threads while you’re between meetings. Looking for durable cufflinks that go beyond traditional shapes and designs? You’ve come to the right place. Explore our pocket knife cufflinks today! If you have any questions, contact us for further assistance.

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