New York Yankees Pinstripe Tie Bar

New York Yankees Pinstripe Tie Bar

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Hardcore sports fans are always looking for fun and innovative ways to show off their pride and loyalty to their teams. Whether you’re from New York or the Yankees happen to be your all-time favorite baseball team, we guarantee you will love our signature New York Yankees pinstripe tie bar. There’s a noticeable uptick in men wearing tie bars on the street, in clubs, or anywhere their classic suits will take them. These quintessential menswear accessories are resurging in popularity and show no signs of slowing down. Sport your ties in style by exploring our incredible sliding tie bar designed exclusively for ultimate Yankees fans.

Our sleek New York Yankees pinstripe tie bar fastens any tie to your dress shirt, preferably between the third and fourth buttons for a secure fit and a polished edge. With shiny rhodium plating, our sliding tie bar makes it easier to declare your Yankees allegiance front and center. This product is officially licensed by the Major League Baseball organization, providing an authentic solution that’s appropriate for the office, date night, or everyday wear. Sliding clasps like that featured with our New York Yankees pinstripe tie bar are preferred when wearing thin ties or ties made from thinner fabrics. The sophisticated silver tone will enhance any ensemble and looks great when set against vibrant colors of all shades. Have questions? We’re here to help! Contact a member of the team today for further assistance.

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