Guys, if you haven’t shopped for mens bracelets yet, then you may want to stop and learn a little bit more about the latest styles.  Unless you’ve spent time researching bracelets for men, you may have an outdated picture in your mind of a gold rope chain from the 80s.  Before we get started, you may want to wipe that image from your head and get ready to be “wowed” by today’s newest mens bracelets.

Whether you want a serious chunky bracelet made from a heavy metal like tungsten or a sleek looking stainless steel design, there are literally dozens of new mens bracelet designs coming out every month.  As men have begun to lighten up about wearing jewelry, the best designers have started releasing new creations made from the hottest alternative metals.  Men have not wasted any time snatching them up, and now it is evident that a new jewelry trend is emerging.

Searching for mens bracelets is easy when you know what you’re looking for, so we’ve provided this quick reference guide to the top styles.

Titanium mens bracelets are made from a superior strength industrial metal that is only half as heavy as stainless steel.  Innovative and lightweight, silver and black titanium bracelets are among the most fashionable styles available for men today.

Tungsten carbide mens bracelets have an urban “edge” that cannot be replicated by any other metal.  Unlike titanium, tungsten is a bit heavier than other jewelry metals and has a slightly darker hue than other silver-toned metals.  Men who wear tungsten also enjoy black tungsten mens bracelets, which look great with business or casual attire.  The natural density of this metal makes it extremely scratch resistant too.

Stainless steel mens bracelets are heavier than titanium but lighter than tungsten, plus they have the natural durability to stand up to an active lifestyle.  Men can choose from a minimalistic chain bracelet to a chunky stainless steel hardware design, as well as anything in between, without giving up the natural shine and durability of 316L stainless steel.

Leather bracelets for men are a study in contrasts, but most of them are designed to match casual attire.  Whether you choose a simple braided leather bracelet or one with colorful metal hardware, these rugged mens bracelets are comfortable and masculine in every way.

These are just a few of the many different styles of mens bracelets out there today, but what sets them apart is their affordability and durability, especially when compared with softer metals like sterling silver and gold.  Find your favorite mens bracelets by searching for one of these popular styles online.

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