While it’s admirable to try and incorporate some of the newest trends of men’s jewelry into your wardrobe, you want to make sure that you’re not slapdash in your approach. It’s easy to throw something on that fits the technical description of a current trend, but infinitely harder to find a fashionable item with classic appeal and work it stylishly into your outfit. Here are some quick tips on how to wear (and not to wear) the latest and hottest styles of jewelry for men.

Men’s Pendants
Men everywhere are forgoing the simple chain necklace and adding interesting pendants.
Choose men’s pendants with overly gaudy designs.
Do: Opt for simpler pendants with small but intricate details – stud accents, a subtle design, or a well-placed diamond, for example.

Black Rings
Men everywhere are eschewing standard metallics for these striking black bands.
Try to turn your black ring into some sort of slacker or goth-like fashion statement – a sloppy outfit will quickly render these chic bands into a fashion disaster.
Do: These alternatively hued bands can be incredibly sophisticated if worn correctly. Go for black rings in interesting contemporary materials like ceramic and pair them with dressier outfits.

Leather Bracelets
These rugged bracelets project an instant air of masculinity.
Don’t: Go for lower quality or fray-prone thinner bands of leather that will show their wear quickly or otherwise look cheap.
Do: Go for high quality hides in rich colors like chocolate, caramel, black or orange. Select leather bracelets with mid to slightly thicker widths with an attention to hardware and clasp details.

Cufflinks in Bright Colors
Boldly hued cufflinks add a welcome touch of color to the otherwise drab palettes that can dominate men’s wardrobes.
Don’t: Think that bright colors means cartoony. Avoid cheaper materials and make sure the design of the cufflinks themselves is relatively simple.
Do: To balance the vivid color, make sure to select cufflinks in higher quality materials. Semi-precious stones like onyx, turquoise, lapis or carnelian are all excellent options.

Retro Watches
The old is new again with a return to traditionally masculine watches.
Don’t: Wear something that borders on kitschy, as there is no other accessory that will have you taken more or less seriously. A classic timepiece is always worth investing money in, especially as it is generally something that you will wear every day.
Do: Go for vintage-inspired watches that have timeless style. Look for quality timepieces that fit your personal style with retro hints, like rose gold accents or interesting chronograph details.

Remember, you should always incorporate current trends into your personal style without subsuming it. With a little practice and attention to important details, you will easily master wearing these new styles of jewelry.

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